Reliable Auto Electrical Services in Carrum Downs and Frankston

Are you getting reliable Auto Electrical Services in Carrum Downs? or Trustworthy Auto Electrical Services in Frankston?

Many automotive service providers offer auto electrical services but they couldn’t provide reliable services because they don’t have an auto electrical expert. Auto electrical and mechanical services are not the same services. When it comes to auto electrical services, you need to have a specialist who has competencies to diagnose the auto electrical fault and repair them. We have a team of auto electric experts who can proficiently deal with all types of auto electrical system and provide auto electrical services in frankston and in Carrum Downs.
Although general mechanics can also use voltage, amps, ohms law to carry out basic auto electrical servicing and repairs but due to the complexity of automobile auto electrical system, it is better to have a specialist to deal with auto electrical issues. By using millimetres, oscilloscopes, OBD and software scan tools, we diagnostics electrical problem and resolve it. By using diagnostics, we detect problems in ABS, SRS airbag systems and electronic steering and resolved it. We diagnose and replace faulty alternators, starter motors, batteries and electronic fuel pumps. We conduct testing and repairs on electronic fuel injection and ignition systems. We always follow vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and use non-flammable ozone friendly R134a as the replacement refrigerant.

We are competent to install accessories such as radios, CB radios, lights, anti-theft systems, new sound systems rear vision cameras and sensors. We are expert in repairing following the auto electrical system. Whether it is auto electrical services in Carrum Downs or auto electical services in Frankston, we are always there to serve you.
These are the bouquets of services.
• Indicator flashers & windshield wiper motor
• Ignition switches & fuel gauge repair
• Headlights & brake lamps
• Cruise control
• Door locks & sunroof
• Powered mirrors & powered seating
• Powered windows & door locks
• Electrical shorts & switches
• Oil pressure indicator & engine temperature gauge
• Ignition switch repair
• Interior lighting & horn
• Vehicle computer system
Equipped with all the latest diagnostic tools, our trained auto electrical technicians can handle all your Auto Electrical problems in Carrum Downs as well as in Frankston.