A Useful Guide to Car Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning, as the words suggest, conditions the air within a specified enclosure. It removes the excess moisture from the air and helps in adjusting the temperature to a degree that keeps you comfortable.

Today it is difficult to imagine driving a car without this all-important facility. But like any part of a car, the air conditioning also needs maintenance. This is where you will need the help of a professional car air conditioning service like Able Auto Air Conditioning. Let’s now look at a few reasons why you need a good car air conditioning service:

Comfortable Drive

Air conditioning maintains the right temperature inside your car. Driving with open windows is a fun idea, but when you are driving on a busy road or if you are driving in the snow or sweltering heat, then you definitely want your aircon to work. If your air conditioner is not functioning, then you will have to deal with all those external extremities that you were trying to escape. This is where taking your vehicle for an annual car air conditioning service is a good idea.

Safer Drive

A good car air conditioning service will help you avoid traffic accidents that are caused due to poor air circulation in your car. A proper air-conditioned car will provide cleaner, fresher air that prevents drowsiness and tiredness. This will also help you in remaining more alert while you are driving.

No More Misty Windscreen

Having a clear view of your windscreen and other glasses and lenses on your vehicle is important. If your vision is impaired by the mist that forms on the glass surfaces of your vehicle, then the safety of your ride could be severely compromised. A properly functioning air conditioner will kill any moisture much faster than the screen-heater in your car.

Ensure Better Performance

Car air conditioning repairs and maintenance is a must. It will help you avoid problems like refrigerant leaks that could lead to the air becoming warmer than usual. Having a professional car aircon repair done ensures that your system is thoroughly inspected and all problems with regards to your AC are fixed.

Removes Contaminants

A professional car air conditioning service will not only tune up the system to ensure that it delivers cool air, but it will also ensure that the air filters are cleaned up. They will also conduct a proper car aircon repair if any of the parts or filters need replacement. If the right replacements are not made or if the cleaning is not done, then the AC will blow out contaminated air. This can lead to a variety of illness. A good car air conditioning repair guarantees the removal of mould, pollen, dust, and other contaminants and, in the process, boost air quality within the car.

How Often Should You Have to Regas Your Car Aircon?

Car air conditioners in most of the newer models last up to 5 years before they are required to be regassed. Many car manufacturers recommend that you have your car’s aircon regas done once every year or two.

No matter what brand of car or model you drive, there is always a chance that it could lose some amount of refrigerant gas. Some studies suggest that all cars lose at least 10% of their aircon gas in a year. In older cars, that percentage rises significantly.

Remember this when you take your vehicle for a car aircon repair. A poorly gassed air conditioner will not only affect your comfort and safety, but it will also put more strain on your car’s engine. This could lead to excess wear and tear in your car’s systems.

Do You Need a Car Air Conditioning Service?

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